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Darjeeling Tea High Tea Classic Jar Candle

A fresh new brand, Flamingo Candles is a fun and original collection of handmade, organic candles.  Quirky, contemporary designs, always incorporating our dapper friend Florrie the flamingo, each candle is hand-poured in Britain to the highest quality.

Our lifestyle candles are made with soybeans and natural cotton wicks (repping the environment at every step) and are all packed with unique, scrumptious fragrances. 

The Flamingo Candles High Tea collection celebrates the great British teatime tradition of freshly cut sandwiches, indulgent pastries, sweet macarons, delicious scones with jam and clotted cream, fruity preserves, all washed down with a selection of loose teas.

Choose from five delectable fragrances to capture the sweet aroma of the tea room. Fill your home with Macaroon & Almond, Earl Grey Tea & Cucumber, Lemon Curd, Darjeeling Tea and Blackcurrant Jam.

The quintessentially British custom…. recreated in our High Tea candle collection!

Energising and earthy, Darjeeling Tea is a fresh, exotic tea fragrance with lush green leaves, bergamot and may chang, resting on a cool base of musk, amber and dry tea leaves.

  • Burn time: up to 50 hours

  • Wax weight: 200g

  • Total weight: 400g