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Chai Tea Latte Scent Melt

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Flamingo Candles is a fun and original collection of handmade, organic candles. Our soybean scent melts are another way of experiencing our delicious, evocative fragrances. Place one in an oil/fragrance burner, along with a tealight, and watch it melt to release a powerful, moreish aroma.

Why we heart Scent Melts:

  • They heat up much quicker, giving an almost instant fragrance.  Great when you have unexpected guests and want to show off your amazing Flamingo Candles scent!

  • There’s no open flame.  The only flame is on the tealight which is secluded at the bottom of the burner.  

  • They’re perfect if you’re unsure whether you’ll like a fragrance enough to buy a Jar Candle.  Experiment with a Scent Melt and invest if it tickles your fancy!

  • Try a different Scent Melt in each room of your home.  A great way to embrace the mood!

  • They give off a slightly stronger aroma than Jar Candles.  Ideal for those rooms, such as the kitchen, which are susceptible to odour.

  • A rich, indulgent spicy chai tea fragrance including notes of ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, apple, pear, cinnamon, quince, cumin seeds and warm milk.

    • Burn time: up to 20 hours

    • Wax weight: 26g